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xscreensaver desktop file has same name as xfce4-screensaver


Description Guido Falsi 2019-09-30 15:28:10 CEST

In FreeBSD after updating xfce to 4.14 It has been noticed that xfce4-session installs a .desktop startup file for xscreensaver, enabled by default.

At the same time xfce4-screensaver installs it's own .desktop file, also enabled by default.

The two .desktop files happen to have the same exact content in the Name and comment fields. This is problematic because in the Application Autostart interface of the Session and Startup configuration tool the two entries appear identical and cannot be distinguished.

Another issue is that if both are installed, being both enabled by default, they end up conflicting. This can manifest it when the screen is locked as one of the two screensavers showing it's unlock UI while the other grabs the keyboard, preventing the user from properly unlocking the screen.

This has been reported in FreeBSD in these bug reports:


In the FreeBSD ports we have a metaport (that is a port which installs nothing, but depends on other ports to force their installation) for xfce which by default also installs xfce4-screensaver. Due to this I have implemented two workarounds:

- Install the xscreensaver.desktop file with the line Hidden=true which disables it
- Change the Name field of xfce4-screensaver, so the lines can be distinguished in the Application Autostart UI

I'm attaching a patch including the first change and also changes the .desktop file name field. I have already filed a bug report for xfce4-screensaver with a similar change.

I understand that switching to disabled by default could not be the best choice for you. I also think a better name and description can be chosen.

I'm attaching the patch as an example of what can be done, and to start discussion.
Comment 1 Guido Falsi 2019-09-30 15:29:07 CEST
Created attachment 9061 
.desktop file patch
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Bug #15999

Reported by:
Guido Falsi
Reported on: 2019-09-30
Last modified on: 2020-05-26


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