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[PATCH] Make Drag and Drop of Menu Items Optional


Description ToZ editbugs 2019-09-22 01:00:01 CEST
Created attachment 9045 
Make Drag and Drop Functionality Optional

The attached patch makes the menu item drag and drop functionality optional by adding a new "allow-dnd" property. Default is set to yes so not to interfere with current functionality.
Comment 1 Simon Steinbeiss editbugs 2019-09-30 13:30:11 CEST
What's the rationale or use-case behind this patch/feature?
Comment 2 ToZ editbugs 2019-10-01 00:43:12 CEST
The request came in this forum post: https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=13404
Comment 3 Simon Steinbeiss editbugs 2019-10-01 01:13:14 CEST
Sorry, but that's not a very strong use-case in my opinion. While you can always click somewhere by accident I wouldn't make certain buttons optional.
Comment 4 a1x3ktxkusidp4y 2019-10-09 23:09:39 CEST
Hi i am the one who posted https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=13404. When I was using XFCE with GTK2,  left clicking and then dragging an item in the XFCE application menu did not show the drag-and-drop functionality. So it seems the functionality was added at some point. When I now try to left-click an item in the menu but accidentally drag the mouse a little, my click is 'lost', which makes the menu less usable for me. 

Right-clicking a menu-item also has an optional behaviour, so it seems to me it would be consistent to make left-click behaviour optional as well.

Comment 5 a1x3ktxkusidp4y 2019-10-10 00:07:07 CEST
In addition I can imagine this to be even more an issue for someone  who's mouse movements and clicking are not very precise, such as a user with disability or elderly user.
Comment 6 Simon Steinbeiss editbugs 2019-10-10 00:23:54 CEST

The panel and xfdesktop (which you refer to with your link) both use the component garcon to display application menus. They share some of the code, but e.g. the right-click behavior is not configurable in the panel's application menu while it is with a hidden(!) property in xfdesktop.

The drag-and-drop functionality comes from garcon and has been there in Xfce 4.12 as well, so it's been around for more than 4 years:

I'm not a huge fan of all those options, especially the hidden ones, because they just tend to add code with very few people benefiting from them (because yeah, hidden options are by definition not very discoverable...)
Maybe some of the other devs see it differently and are willing to push this in. So I'll not object, but I'm also not convinced enough that many people need this to push it myself.
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