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NumPad/KeyPad [1...9] bindings are displayed as [1...9], whereas they actuall...


Description lockywolf 2019-06-16 07:27:04 CEST
I am trying to use keybindings set in the 'Window Manager Settings' to send windows to different desktops on my laptop.

I assumed that Ctrl+Alt+[1..9] meant Ctrl, Alt and number keys on the main keyboard (the second row of keys from the top).

However, there key sequences don't move windows, and as people on freenode#xfce explained to me (and I confirmed with Xfce settings editor), the keys implied by the Window Manager Settings are KP_[1..9], that is the keypad/numpad keys.

When I rebound the same commands to Ctrl+Alt+[1..6], using the main keyboard keys, everything started to work as expected.

Would it be possible to show those differences in the 'Window Manager Settings'?
That is, display the main keyboard keys as e.g. Main 1, and the Numpad keys as NumPad 1. 
Or just do is a the settings editor does, and display them as 1 and KP_1.

(There was a similarly-looking issue in 2008: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3558 )
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Bug #15612

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