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Number of rows limit (6) is not enough


Description scootergrisen 2019-06-01 18:56:05 CEST
I dont see why the panel need to be restricted to a maximum of 6 rows in panel preferences.

If in horizontal mode i have 7 buttons from a plugin in line but then switch the panel to deskbar mode (vertical panel, horizontal plugin) the panel can not show the last button from the plugin because the panel is only allowed 6 rows so the last button is clipped.

And it seems the panel does not allow the overflowing button to wrap to the next line.

So i guess what i want is to change the panel size like i would change the size of a window.
Not indirectly by changing the number of rows or the row size inside the panel but just the panel size.

Perhaps it would be better to be able to select the width/height of the panel in % both ways.

It seems like currently you can select the length in % and the "width" indirectly by the row height.
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