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Move shortcuts to keyboard settings or add keywords to .desktop file


Description scootergrisen 2019-05-21 23:24:53 CEST
So i managed to set Caps lock key as shortcut for opening the window menu and later i forgot where i set the shortcut.
So i go to Xfce settings and keyboard but cant find it and try to search and look finally i found it in window manager.

It seem Xfce does not make use of Keywords in the .desktop files.
Like Catfish have some keywords like "lookup" but i can not find Catfish by searching for that keyword.

If xfwm4-settings .desktop file had keywords and Xfce was using them i could have found xfwm4-settings in program finder or whisker menu by search for the keyword like "keyboard" or "shortcut".

Maybe there is a reason for these shortcut being under window manager and not keyboard settings because they are for the windows but as a user i would think it more logical to look under keyboard when i want to change the shortcuts.

So maybe either move the shortcuts under keyboard settings or keep it the way things are now and instead add keywords to .desktop file and implement searching for keywwords in Xfce program finder and whisker menu and maybe other stuff that could have help me find what i was looking for.

Version 4.13.2.
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Bug #15442

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Olivier Fourdan
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