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Plugin with 3 instances displaying min, ave, max frequency all grow memory us...


Description Clark 2019-03-22 15:59:36 CET
See here:

Always configured as mentioned, min, ave, max for the 3 instances, either in a isolated panel or combined with others.

On startup typical is around 20 MB usage.

On a particular i386 Debian Buster image current as of week 7 this year, was created in a kvm vm and qemu-img'd to a ssd and tested in various hardware. In the VM the plugin is not used. I enable a panel with the plugin when on real hardware.

On an intel Q67 (C602 I believe)  with a E3-1225 v1 Sandy Bridge the leakage starts as seen in the post referenced above. The rate is perhaps 100MB/day.

On a X8DTH-i with currently a  E5540, the leakage rate is 20+MB per day.

I mention in the thread, these are inappropriate machines for aa i386 OS, so I don't know...Happy to donate some time anyway.

I did pass through a similar amd64 image and did not notice such leakage, but I wasn't looking for it. That image passed my hardware test for an image enumerating correctly on various hardware, and I wrote over the image with the i386, so I lost the opportunity for the moment to evaluate Buster's state on amd64. I will start testing Buster amd64 hypervisor images soon and will use such a panel with this plugin, I don't intend any amd64 non-hypervisor use on real hardware, and the amd64 is in use on a stretch hypervisor with the panel, and no leaks.

So at the moment, only an issue on buster i386 on the mentioned 64 bit platforms using xfce4-cpufreq-plugin 1.2.1-1 as packaged by Debian Buster.
Comment 1 Andreas Müller 2019-05-01 00:46:12 CEST
Created attachment 8468 
Valgrind output
Comment 2 Andreas Müller 2019-05-01 00:59:16 CEST
Yes this bugs me either: on RaspberryPi running 24/7 sessions need restart after few days due to this.

Did some valgrinding (as suggested in https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/debugging) with interesting results:

1. I started some valgrind-panel-sessions with default settings of cpufreq-plugin: With Icon / default Font size -> Font was far too big to display all contents. During active valgrind session there are pairs of lines dropped periodically as

| x nodes, y survivors (z%)
| x new table size (stepup)

I watched them passing by and did not see monotonic increase of numbers. They increased but I expected more.

2. Then I modified cpufreq-plugin settings to similar as they are on my Raspi: No Icon / reduce font size so that texts fit into plugin's area without being clipped (in my case Sans 9). Now the increase turned straighter (see file 8468 above - search for 'new table size').

3. Continued with this and that an then stopped xfce-panel. This causes valgrind to create the final bill (scroll to end of file). The main memory leak (last in file I skipped the others to reduce size - was 7.3MB): is in
cpufreq_update_plugin -> cpufreq_label_set_font -> gtk_css_provider_load_from_data

Questions (am not a GTK expert) which can lead to a fix
1. Is there some cleanup for parameters in gtk_css_provider_load_from_data required?
2. This might just reduce leak but: Is it necessary to call cpufreq_label_set_font on each cpufreq_update_plugin? The font size is fixed by configuration

Hope this helps
Comment 3 Andreas Müller 2019-05-05 22:16:36 CEST
Created attachment 8492 

Patch attached should do

@Clark If it's going to make upstream, I understood you correctly and you are still willing to donate I suggest to send to Xfce Foundation e.V - they are the heros making this fantastic desktop.
Comment 4 Clark 2019-05-07 02:58:13 CEST
Very good, thank you.
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