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Status Notifier crashes opening TeamViewer 13 o 14


Description thepisu 2019-02-01 08:49:39 CET
Overview: opening version 13 or 14 of TeamViewer application the "Status Notifier Plugin" crashes.
Also clicking "Execute" when Teamviewer is still open, make it crashes again.
When finally I close Teamviewer I can click "Execute" and then it restores correctly.

Steps to Reproduce: 
1) add "Status Notifier Plugin" to an XFCE panel
2) install TeamViewer 14 (either with deb or tar package):
3) open TeamViewer 14

Actual Results: the plugin crash.

Expected Results: the TeamViewer icon should appear in the plugin.
Comment 1 Git Bot editbugs 2019-02-02 22:18:37 CET
Viktor Odintsev referenced this bugreport in commit d5fd29117df0bfbc659531491af1a4375880b8e3

Check tooltip type before deconstructing (Bug #15110)

Comment 2 Viktor Odintsev editbugs 2019-02-02 22:20:20 CET
Hi! Thanks for your report. I pushed the changes which should address the issue, can you test them please?
Comment 3 thepisu 2019-02-07 15:59:29 CET
(In reply to Viktor Odintsev from comment #2)
> Hi! Thanks for your report. I pushed the changes which should address the
> issue, can you test them please?

I tried to build from source. I was able to do autogen.sh and configure, but when doing make command I get:

make[3]: ***  Nessuna regola per generare l'obiettivo "sn-watcher.c", necessario per "libstatusnotifier_la-sn-watcher.lo".  Arresto.

There is another way to test the fix?
Comment 4 Viktor Odintsev editbugs 2019-02-09 05:24:39 CET
`./configure` should be called with `--enable-maintainer-mode`.
Also, you don't have to do it since `./autogen.sh` internally calls `./configure --enable-maintainer-mode` by its own unless you set NOCONFIGURE=1.
Comment 5 thepisu 2019-02-11 09:08:51 CET
I have tested the fix (from latest GIT source), and I confirm that the plugin does not crash anymore. 
The Teamviewer icon is not visibile but this is probably a TW problem.

Thank you!
Comment 6 Massimo Burcheri 2019-05-14 08:54:27 CEST
Are you going to create a bugfix release, as this is blocking me when using Teamviewer, loosing all other indicators.
Any idea why the Teamviewer icon does not appear in the statusnotifier-plugin? Without that plugin it falls back to the notification area like other Qt apps.
Comment 7 Massimo Burcheri 2019-05-14 10:34:41 CEST
Built from git, it's working. And the Teamviewer icon is shown as usual.
Comment 8 Massimo Burcheri 2019-09-23 10:52:46 CEST
Any idea when this patch will be released?
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Bug #15110

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