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Cycle windows based on Window Stack UNDER mouse when Focus-follows-mouse is e...


Description vek.m1234@gmail.com 2018-11-14 10:16:23 CET
Can a feature be added that allows Cycling windows in the window-stack-UNDER-MY-MOUSE.

1. Create 3 windows
2. Place 2,3 on top of each other
3. Place 1 partly overlapping 2
4. Mouse over 2 SO THAT 3 is also under the mouse
5. Press the Cycle Window key to raise and lower 2,3 leaving windows 1 unaffected.

Currently 1 is cycled with (2,3) regardless of where the mouse pointer is. Since I have 'focus-follows-mouse' enabled this is pretty annoying since I picked my window stack (z-index) by moving the mouse.

Additionally can a visual bell be added to blink the screen when there's a single window in the stack and you try to cycle? I use Super-L for Cycling and currently with a single window open on the Workspace - typing it does nothing, but it would be nice if I got a quick visual blink instead.

Thank you :) (Love the new XFCE4 - I can finally almost replace my beloved OLVWM which has been dropped from debian, due to bugs unfortunately)
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Bug #14873

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Olivier Fourdan
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