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Weird freezing issue.


Description Nathan Dehnel 2018-07-02 04:28:50 CEST
When I log in, XFCE freezes except the cursor. It also happens after exiting a game and sometimes just randomly. Switching TTY and back fixes it. Using nvidia drivers.
Comment 1 Andre Miranda editbugs 2018-07-06 02:33:50 CEST
Quoting https://docs.xfce.org/contribute/bugs/start#report

> If you have not found anything or missed it, report it in the bug tracker.
> Reports that only say 'application X crashed' will be closed as invalid quickly, so try
> to provide a way to describe and reproduce the problem: Application X crashed when doing Y.
> In the description provide a short way to reproduce the crash. Also run the application
> in a terminal and look if there are console warnings, put those in the bug as well.

So, please provide more info, by your (very brief) description, it could be anything, hard to tell if it's a problem in xfwm4 or any other Xfce component. Look for evidences in journalctl (if you distribution uses systemd), .xsession-errors or dmesg.
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2018-07-07 09:51:52 CEST
Can you please provide the output of “xfwm4 --version” and also indicate if you have the compositor enabled?

If the compositor is enabled, you may want to try to disable it and report back.
Comment 3 Nathan Dehnel 2018-07-16 21:52:59 CEST
nathan@gentoodesktop ~ $ xfwm4 --version
	This is xfwm4 version 4.12.4 (revision 7844952) for Xfce 4.12
	Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
	Compiled against GTK+-2.24.31, using GTK+-2.24.31.

	Build configuration and supported features:
	- Startup notification support:                 Yes
	- XSync support:                                Yes
	- Render support:                               Yes
	- Xrandr support:                               Yes
	- Embedded compositor:                          Yes
	- KDE systray proxy (deprecated):               No

The compositor does not seem to affect it.

This is in dmesg when I log in:
[   66.581544] resource sanity check: requesting [mem 0x000c0000-0x000fffff], which spans more than PCI Bus 0000:00 [mem 0x000d0000-0x000dffff window]
[   66.581737] caller _nv001169rm+0xe3/0x1d0 [nvidia] mapping multiple BARs
[   66.860959] nvidia-modeset: Loading NVIDIA Kernel Mode Setting Driver for UNIX platforms  390.67  Fri Jun  1 03:15:43 PDT 2018
[   66.861852] nvidia-modeset: Allocated GPU:0 (GPU-1923a098-0a9d-e5ec-66ab-42f552a2ef5c) @ PCI:0000:03:00.0

nathan@gentoodesktop ~ $ cat ~/.xsession-errors
cat: /home/nathan/.xsession-errors: No such file or directory
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Bug #14508

Reported by:
Nathan Dehnel
Reported on: 2018-07-02
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Olivier Fourdan
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