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Custom actions without an icon could cause the file manager to crash


Description Andrea M. 2018-06-18 23:16:07 CEST
Thunar crashes if I open the context menu of a file that has a custom action without icon, if this action is the first (of that type of file) thunar crashes when I select the file. 
If a custom action for directories hasn't an icon thunar crashes at startup.

E.g With my uca.xml when I select an image thunar will crash, if I add at the top a custom action for images with an icon thunar will crash if I open the context menu.

Steps to reproduce:
Add a custom action without icons, use the pattern that you like.
Click on a file that matches the pattern or open the context menu.
Comment 1 Andrea M. 2018-06-18 23:17:17 CEST
Created attachment 7796 
My /.config/thunar/uca.xml
Comment 2 Andrea M. 2018-06-18 23:21:27 CEST
Created attachment 7797 
My /.config/thunar/uca.xml
Comment 3 Andrea M. 2018-06-18 23:55:04 CEST
Created attachment 7798 
Gdb backtrace
Comment 4 Andrea M. 2018-06-19 00:09:55 CEST
Comment on attachment 7798 
Gdb backtrace

Crash on select
Comment 5 Andrea M. 2018-06-19 00:09:55 CEST
Comment on attachment 7798 
Gdb backtrace

Crash on select
Comment 6 Andrea M. 2018-06-19 00:13:01 CEST
Created attachment 7799 
Gdb backtrace

Crash at startup
Comment 7 Andrea M. 2018-06-19 00:21:14 CEST
I was able to reproduce more than 30 times the issue if the action without an icon is the first, but only few times when the action without icon is not the first. Perhaps the latter are false positives.

Sorry for my bad english. Sorry for the confusion, I'm new on bugzilla
Comment 8 Git Bot editbugs 2018-06-19 01:28:24 CEST
Andre Miranda referenced this bugreport in commit 510c8779584edf2f113c379cb024370cf844412b

Avoid use of invalid pointer values in UCA (Bug #14464)

Comment 9 Andre Miranda editbugs 2018-06-19 01:29:17 CEST
Fix pushed to master, it will be available in 1.8.2.
Thanks for reporting this, good catch.
Comment 10 Andre Miranda editbugs 2018-10-20 04:21:23 CEST
*** Bug 14776 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 11 Paul Johnson 2020-04-15 15:46:13 CEST
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Bug #14464

Reported by:
Andrea M.
Reported on: 2018-06-18
Last modified on: 2020-04-15
Duplicates (1):
  • 14776 seg fault after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.10


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My /.config/thunar/uca.xml (3.23 KB, application/xml)
2018-06-18 23:17 CEST , Andrea M.
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My /.config/thunar/uca.xml (3.23 KB, text/plain)
2018-06-18 23:21 CEST , Andrea M.
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Gdb backtrace (4.84 KB, text/plain)
2018-06-18 23:55 CEST , Andrea M.
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Gdb backtrace (4.14 KB, text/plain)
2018-06-19 00:13 CEST , Andrea M.
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