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Thunar 1.8 row height of side pane too large


Description Jan Do 2018-06-17 11:34:28 CEST
Created attachment 7791 

In Thunar 1.8 row height (row spacing) of side pane very large, even when Preferences of Side Pane Icon Size set to Very Small.
Comment 1 alexxcons editbugs 2018-06-18 10:24:31 CEST
Created attachment 7795 
comparison thunar 1.6x  - thunar 1.8.x

It's a regression. Here a direct comparison between 1.6.x and 1.8.x
Comment 2 Andre Miranda editbugs 2018-06-19 03:16:21 CEST
Changing the value of this line:

from 6 to 5 yields good results to me, 4 is a bit too much.
Notice that that value was set long ago (2012), probably gtk3 likes to make things higher and wider.

@alexxcons please confirm that tweaking that value works for you, so I (or you) can push this fix.
Comment 3 alexxcons editbugs 2018-06-19 22:35:49 CEST
Confirmed, it works !
However for "Icon Size = Very Small" , a value of "1" is best to look like thunar 1.6 ... 5 does not help much for that size.

For  "Icon Size = Normal" it seems not to matter if 1 or 4 is selected.
Yes, 5 looks a bit better for normal size I have to admit ... but I would prefer to have a usable "Very Small" for people with many network shortcuts, than a slightly better-looking "Normal". What do you think ?
Comment 4 Andre Miranda editbugs 2018-06-20 04:46:06 CEST
I see, from 5 to 4 makes a huge difference for "Very small" icon size, who would have predicted that...
4 is acceptable to me, both "Very small" and "Smaller" icon size won't be much different from 1.6.x.
Comment 5 Git Bot editbugs 2018-06-20 21:10:21 CEST
Alexander Schwinn referenced this bugreport in commit e37c83abc600e9fec40508283e07cd92a5ece8b6

Thunar 1.8 row height of side pane too large (Bug #14459)

Comment 6 alexxcons editbugs 2018-06-20 21:10:49 CEST
ok, deal ;)

Bug #14459

Reported by:
Jan Do
Reported on: 2018-06-17
Last modified on: 2018-06-20


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2018-06-17 11:34 CEST , Jan Do
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comparison thunar 1.6x - thunar 1.8.x (56.18 KB, image/png)
2018-06-18 10:24 CEST , alexxcons
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