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xfwm4 undesired autofocus behaviour


Description sodi 2006-02-09 13:02:50 CET
In latest stable release and now in svn (at least it was some weeks ago) the
autofocus behaviour has changed. Now, there is only two options - newly created
windows ALWAYS get focus, or NEVER. In stable, it bahved like I wanted it to -
new applications didn't get focus, but windows created by active windows got
focus (for example gaim new conversation windows and firefox
warning/confirmation windows). It is coming really annoying, as I have several
times killed firefox, to realise that it was just waiting me to clik a OK button
in a dialog, that was created unfocused and was therefore hidden behind main
window, and didn't appear in taskbar either. There is already a feature request
for giving newly created windows URGENT hint, but at the FF example, that
wouldn't help. So, I would like to get a third option in xfwm4 settings, to only
give focus to windows, that were created by active windows. I hope it is doable,
or there is a workaround for that.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-02-09 20:00:22 CET
Unfocused windows are not placed on top of focused window anymore for obvious
usability concerns. There is no plan to revert this.

As there is no way to tell a window was created by another window (as you
asked), there is not much I can do about that.

Actually, what you describe has not changed, the problem is that Firefox doesn't
use the standard transient_for hint that xfwm4 honors (including the
transient_for group of windows when the transient_for hint is set to the root
window) for its confirmation dialog. To make a long story short, xfwm4 will
place transient_for on top of windows of the same group, but Firefox doesn't use
it for it confirmation dialog.
Comment 2 sodi 2006-02-09 20:56:02 CET
I was not talking about raising created & unfocused windows, but that's
irrelevant I guess.

I see... I don't know anything about window manager internals, but I really hope
that some better focus stealing prevention will be implemented soon. 
KDE for example has (at least had ages ago) slider to set focus stealing

You said about something about group of windows and its root window, so I guess
that gaim main window is the root window and conversation windows are in the
same group, righ? what about allowing same group (that is active?) windows to
get focus? I could have misunderstood something tho..

Bug #1445

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