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Volume level notification steals focus from slider


Description marc1uk_ 2018-03-02 07:08:37 CET
Created attachment 7623 
left: popup slider. Click the slider to move it -> right: the notification steals focus, and the slider knob cannot be moved.

xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin 0.2.4, on Debian 9 with XFCE.
The panel applet has a handy slider that opens when the panel icon is clicked, allowing the user to change the volume.
The panel applet also provides (in the plugin properties) the option to show a volume notification, which works nicely and is handy for visual feedback when using multimedia keys,

However the two don't play well together. Both occupy the same location on the screen (at least, in a standard configuration), and when trying to use the slider to adjust the volume, the notification pops up over the top of it, stealing focus. This renders the slider pretty much useless.
Comment 1 Sean Davis editbugs 2018-03-14 02:49:14 CET
This was actually resolved in 0.2.5.

- Do not issue volume notifications when plugin menu is shown.
Comment 2 marc1uk_ 2018-03-16 23:47:16 CET

It looks like I need to update I need to uninstall from my repo manager (synaptic), then build from source and install, correct? There's not a repository I can add for the packages?

If not, I'm having some trouble compiling from source. Running ./autogen in the source directory complains that gtk+-3.0 > 3.6 isn't installed. Indeed I have libgtk-3-0 v3.22.11-1, but a newer version isn't available from the repositories. 

Rather than see how deep the rabbit hole goes, I tried compiling v0.2.4 from source and have the same issue. Perhaps libgtk-3-0 > 3.6.0 isn't really needed after all?
Comment 3 marc1uk_ 2018-03-22 05:14:25 CET
Derr, must have been a late night.. 22 > 6, i just didn't have the dev headers installed. Everything's working great now. The installation instructions could perhaps have been clearer, though - after the 'autogen', 'make', 'make install', I didn't have the option to add the panel applet to the panel. I had to dig around for a while to try to suss out where the files needed to be before making links from:
before the option appeared again.

Bug #14255

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