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Mistakes files loaded over network


Description Gary Lawrence Murphy 2018-02-16 01:36:35 CET
This is almost a feature request, but it's so nearly there I hope it's a bug ...

I have Thunar 1.6.12 open on files across the LAN using sftp, and if I press the space bar on a selected MP3, the file plays correctly in Parole.
If I drag and drop a directory or a collection of files, Parole cues up all the files in the first sub-directory of the remote view.  Now here's were it is

I have a dir structure like

  +- folder_one
       +- file_one.mp3 ...
  +- folder two

if I select folder one while in 'music' and drag and drop, the files in folder one are cued and played
if I select folder two while in 'music' and drag and drop, the files for folder_one are again cued
if I enter folder two and select all files from folder two, drag and drop, the files from folder one are cued, one copy for every file in the select list
if I enter folder two and select a file and press the space bar, the correct file is played

this suggests something goes wrong in the drag and drop?

It would be really sweet if I could keep my files on one machine, but play them on another.  Videos too, and the space-bar behaviour suggests it is possible, just not yet fully implemented :)
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Bug #14222

Reported by:
Gary Lawrence Murphy
Reported on: 2018-02-16
Last modified on: 2020-05-24


Simon Steinbeiss
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