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Datetime font colour and Clock line breaks


Description tho7maspenguin+ohtmvyyn.jspr@gmail.com 2018-01-16 01:54:42 CET
Hi all,

The problem I've found is in getting the panel to display the date and time in a neat readable format with a black deskbar panel.

Datetime doesn't have white text as an option so I can't see the date/time well enough.
Clock, when set to a custom format, doesn't remember line breaks when the panel is restarted.
Clock, if set to two separate instances in one panel, creates a wide gap between the two instances.

A solution to any of these problems would sort my setup out :)

All the best,

OS: Arch Linux
Xfce version: 4.12
Comment 1 NoobAlice 2019-01-05 18:23:25 CET
Hi Tom,

Here is sample formatting for Clock with a line break that persists across reboots:
<span foreground="white">%I:%M</span>%n<span foreground="white" size="smaller">%b.%d</span>

%n is for the line break/new line.  Here it is outside of the span tags, but it may not make a difference.  The new line code turned up in the xfce forums, but I can't find it now.

For anyone else who sees this, a full list of date/time codes can be seen here:

OS:    Arch Linux
xfce4-panel (contains clock): 4.12.2-1
Comment 2 tho7maspenguin+ohtmvyyn.jspr@gmail.com 2019-01-06 14:10:18 CET
Brilliant, this came just in time as I'm currently setting up my panel again :) Thanks!
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