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[Feature Request] Add shortcut to switch windows from same application but sk...


Description marcosnils 2017-09-18 18:34:47 CEST
I use the "Switch windows from same app" shortcut quite often, and one thing that annoys me is that sometimes I have one specific window that I don't want to appear in the cycle (because it's something that I don't care much) so I end up moving it to a different workspace so it doesn't come up in the cycling. Using this approach doesn't seem right as I usually use workspaces to group apps that relate to what I'm doing, but for this particular use-case I just move it away because I don't want it to pop up. 

One thing that I believe could be a good solution is to add another shortcut to skip minimized windows in the same workspace when cycling windows from the same app. This way, I can decide which windows are less important, minimize them and then use this new shortcut so they don't appear in the cycling. 

I'm not an experienced C developer and haven't seen the xfwm code, but I think this change shouldn't be that difficult to implement. If you think this would be a good use-case, I'm willing to give a try and submit a patch. 

Thanks in advance, 

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