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move-window-next-workspace gets lost on reboot (dito previous workspace)


Description Juergen Harms 2017-07-13 22:13:18 CEST
My shortcuts for "move-window-next-workspace" and ..."previous-workspace" are set to Shift-Alt-Right and Shift-Alt-Left. That works perfectly, the shortcuts survive logout/login, but they get corrupted each time I reboot.

After reboot, the active window is not shifted to the new workspace any more (the active window is a console, the console will echo 4D, resp. 4C instead). There is some weird aspect: verifying the setting with "xfconf-query -c xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts -p /xfwm4/default/\<Shift\>\<Alt\>Left" does nevertheless display "move_window_prev_workspace_key" and dito for right.

In that situation, I have to newly define the shortcuts, either with Settings->Window Manager->Keyboard->..., or with xfconf-query ... /xfwm4/custom/ ... (a simple "set" command is not enough, it must be preceded by a "reset" command). Since no other users complain about this problem, I am wondering whether it is specific to my particular choice of the keyboard shortcut keys (and I use - without any problem - corresponding shortcuts with <Ctrl><Alt> for moving a window to next or previous).

I have had this problem since I switched to xfce last October (and had submitted a bug on this problem, but closed it rapidly again since I had mis-understood part of the issue). I am presently putting in place a workaround (automatically launch a script that does xfconf-query at the first login after a reboot).
Comment 1 Juergen Harms 2017-07-15 23:01:50 CEST
2nd paragraph:   more (the active window is a console  ->  more (IF the active window is a console
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Bug #13713

Reported by:
Juergen Harms
Reported on: 2017-07-13
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Olivier Fourdan
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