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Plugin not working with dovecot imap server over unencrypted connection


Description Martin Thierer 2017-03-19 13:13:14 CET
Created attachment 7052 
Check for CRAM-MD5 capability before checking for LOGINDISABLED

I can't use the plugin to check for new mail on my local dovecot server, which doesn't support encryption but hashed passwords (cram-md5) and has disabled plaintext logins as per dovecot default (disable_plaintext_auth=yes).

To prevent clients from sending credentials over an unencrypted connection when plaintext logins are disabled, it includes "LOGINDISABLED" in its capabilities if queried over an unsecure connection.

It also includes "CRAM-MD5" in the capabilities, but unfortunately that doesn't work with the mailwatch plugin because it checks for "LOGINDISABLED" *first*.

So I suggest to move the check for "LOGINDISABLED" behind the check for "CRAM-MD5" in libmailwatch-core/mailwatch-mailbox-imap.c.

The plugin works for me with this change and I can't see a harm in doing so.
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Bug #13443

Reported by:
Martin Thierer
Reported on: 2017-03-19
Last modified on: 2020-05-24


Florian Rivoal
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