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Xfwm mishandles focus with fullscreen applications


Description Denis 2017-03-18 13:28:53 CET
When you have a fullscreen application (any fullscreen application as far as I can tell) on one workspace and you move into that workspace with another (not fullscreen) application, you see that the fullscreen app is above (you don't see the application you moved) but it's the moved app that has the focus. It can be observed e.g. if you have an editor on workspace one and move it into workspace two (or three, or whatever), where you have a fullscreen videoplayer. You see a picture from the movie but if you press any keys, they are going into the editor window. You can press the shortcut for "Move window" again and it will take you with your editor into another workspace, where you can see what you have typed :) But I repeat, an editor is just an example (because by typing something you can see that it has focus), but any app will have focus when taken into the workspace with a fullscreen app, while the fullscreen app is displayed above it.

None of the options in the "Focus" tab of either "Window manager" or "Window manager tweaks" settings has any effect on this behaviour. I observe this behavior on two different machines (one with Nvidia and one with AMD graphics).
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Bug #13438

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Olivier Fourdan
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