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Thunar crashed when arrow key pressing immediately after directory change


Description Dmitry 2016-12-16 09:16:44 CET
Created attachment 6927 
Fixing patch for exo version 0.10.7


1) Go to keyboard settings and choose fastest possible key press repeat speed.

2) Open Thunar in any directory that (and a few parents of that, too) contains more than one element.

3) Select View->View as Icons.

4) Press the "right arrow" key, wait a couple of seconds (at least key press repeat delay) and start clicking "Open the parent folder" button (keeping "right arrow" key holding).

After a few clicks segfault will occur.

=== CAUSE ===

ExoIconView widget may be in inconsistent state where item->n_cells != icon_view->priv->n_cells for some item. In such cases layout_callback with priority G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT_IDLE is scheduled which recalculate item sizes and reallocate memory for item->{box,after,before}, thus making icon_view consistent again.

But X events are scheduled with higher priority G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, so key press handling may occur when icon_view is still inconsistent. The latter may end up in calling exo_icon_view_scroll_to_item, and, finally, exo_icon_view_get_item_needed_size, which iterates over icon_view->priv->cell_list and indexes item->box by info->position without checking for item->n_cells (which may be less that icon_view->priv->n_cells). This leads to crash.

=== REMEDY ===

Note that another function, exo_icon_view_scroll_to_path, checks for this inconsistency (indicated by icon_view->priv->layout_idle_id != 0 condition) and delays scrolling in this case. Otherwise it calls aforementioned exo_icon_view_scroll_to_item.

The patch (see attachment) fixes the bug (tested against exo-0.10.7).

(It's probably better to pass extra GtkTreePath* parameter (or just its the only index) to not search for index of item in icon_view->priv->items.)
Comment 1 Git Bot editbugs 2017-06-16 04:48:57 CEST
Dmitry referenced this bugreport in commit 90f08e1f4aac5201372c8887c020700ec33de015

FIX: Thunar crashed when arrow key pressing immediately after directory change (Bug #13238)

Comment 2 Sean Davis editbugs 2017-06-16 04:50:48 CEST
Thanks for the thorough report, explanation, and patch! I've tested this and applied it with the above commit.

Bug #13238

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