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windows shouldn't change size when moving them (and certainly not just grabbi...


Description RJVB 2016-12-08 13:45:14 CET
I work with multi-head set-ups and have grown accustomed to sizing windows vertically so they take up the whole available height via a keyboard shortcut. I don't mind toggling that state back off manually before dragging a window to a different screen, because that's a relatively rare event.

Somewhere after 4.11.2 a change must have been introduced that causes a side-effect I find very annoying: windows lose the vertical-maximised state as soon as you grab their titlebar. With v4.11.2 build I could move such windows around as I liked without having to resize the window again afterwards (horizontally but really it should be my choice if I want to move part of a window off-screen). It's not just that I have to hit the shortcut key again, the (potential) effects on window content, forced redrawing cycles etc. are not really acceptable to me either.

I'd appreciate a pointer to the relevant changes in the code or if possible even a commit to reverse, that's more important to me than getting this reverted officially (though I'd be happy to help work out a solution that works for everyone).
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2016-12-08 14:09:02 CET
I'd say it's most likely related to tiling, look into ssrc/moveresize.c maybe.
Comment 2 RJVB 2016-12-08 14:30:47 CET
That's where I've started looking, but it's got quite a few places where CLIENT_FLAG_MAXIMISED is being turned off that aren't there in the 4.11.2 code. Not trivial to figure out which one to deactivate (without at least a 3rd hand to facilitate stepping a WM through a debugger).
Comment 3 RJVB 2016-12-08 15:02:03 CET
I think I'll try replacing all those CLIENT_FLAG_MAXIMIZED instances with `CLIENT_FULLY_MAXIMIZED`, where


and see how that works out. I expect that dropping full-screen maximisation to move a window would be more acceptable. That would depend a bit though on the extent to which the maximised flag is dropped if you resize a window even slightly. I got the impression that's not the case currently.
Comment 4 RJVB 2016-12-12 17:35:14 CET
Created attachment 6922 
workaround patch

In the end I had to figure out how to set an appropriate watchpoint in LLDB (thankfully running locally because X11 is a 2ndary display driver on Mac OS).

The attached patch appears to be a sufficient workaround for me. Feel free to adapt it if you also think windows shouldn't lose horizontal and/or vertical maximisation when moving them.

(And please disregard the rambling about a CLIENT_FLAG_FULLY_MAXIMIZED token above, I clearly wasn't fully awake when I dreamt that one up!)
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