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Request: Ability to change text colour of desktop icon text


Description Tobias 2016-07-15 03:31:11 CEST
I would like to request a rather simple but very useful feature that should hopefully be simple to implement, the ability to change the colour of the text displayed under desktop icons via a menu.

At this point it appears that the text colour of desktop icons can only be changed by a manual script one has to write and change when necessary.

My idea of an implementation of this feature would be similar to the way desktop wallpapers and colour are selected. This means you would have a dropdown menu with something like "system default" and "solid colour". Perhaps renamed to "default" and "custom" respectively, when custom would be selected a previously grayed out colour picker box would unlock and you could choose a colour, much the same way you would do for your desktop colour.

The reason for my request is that the default icon text colour doesn't work with every wallpaper and can make the text of desktop icons hard to read, by having a easy ability to choose the colour it would probably help a lot of users, it would allow them to adjust the contrast of the text so to speak.

In addition to the text colour, I wonder if the shading underneath the text could also be made to be a selectable colour or disabled if the user chooses to do so, but that would be only very minor, but could also help.
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