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constant repositioning of audacious player window


Description halogenofobia 2016-06-13 15:33:04 CEST
Windows of the players do not stay put, they shift their position from time to time, and I find this irritating at least.
Here go some screenshots.
At first: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/0125ebea898b3a1ce9e1c20a0a81ca751d6.php
After some time: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/022633.php

Some repositioning was done to bring window back to place: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/032445.php
But it didn't last long: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/042311.php

The issue might be related to this bug: http://redmine.audacious-media-player.org/issues/590
I use Audacious 3.7.1, but the problem persists for some time now. My architecture is amd64, the player is always minimized to tray via "status icon" plugin. My DE is xfce4 v4.12, my window manager is xfwm 4.2.13, my distro is gentoo.

Would appreciate some feedback from xfwm4 developers.
Best regards.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2016-06-13 15:41:45 CEST
If the client request a new position, the WM will honor it (as long as it's not off screen) so I am not sure what the WM could do about this.

What makes you think it's a bug in xfwm4?
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2016-06-13 16:49:23 CEST
Pretty easy to reproduce:

1. Open a play list
2. Hide the UI using the status icon
3. Wait for the song to change
4. Click on the status icon to restore the UI

=> The Audacious window is relocated

But that's not an xfwm4 issue, the exact same issue is reproducible in metacity as well.
Comment 3 halogenofobia 2016-06-14 16:06:56 CEST
So the thing is, it really lies in a status icon plugin. Oliver, thanks a lot for your help in ruling out xfwm4. This bug is surething closed.
Comment 4 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2016-06-14 16:14:05 CEST
(In reply to halogenofobia from comment #3)
> So the thing is, it really lies in a status icon plugin.

Well, depends, not necessarily... It lies in the way the status icon hides the windows.

Clicking on the status icon to hide the windows is not the same as iconifying, so the application my behave differently (or wrongly). It's possible that the audacious window unmaps itself when changing tracks, and since the window is already unmapped in this case, the next time it's showed again, it will be like a new window, or something like that.

But, yeah, the problem is not in the WM, it fails in gnome-shell as well, so definitely between audacious and its status icon plugin.
Comment 5 halogenofobia 2016-06-14 16:21:01 CEST
I'll qoute one of the guys (ToZ) from the xfce4 forums here:

This is really weird. I installed audacious to have a look and verified what you were seeing. Following Oliver's process from the bug report, I was able to replicate the issue. I did find a couple of other interesting things:

1. The problem only exists if you use the status icon. If you disable the status icon and use the window button, it works fine.
2. It's only problematic with the winamp skin. The GTK skin works fine.

Then I thought maybe it had something to do with the number or combination of windows visible in the winamp skin. I enabled and disabled them to see. I also checked some of the settings in the status icon settings. Funny thing is, the issue doesn't happen on my computer anymore. The windows restore properly every time. I don't know what the secret combination is or the setting that is causing it, but there is definitely something in the app that is doing this.
Comment 6 Ernest Adrogué 2017-11-06 12:33:50 CET
Changing the interface option to "GTK" and back to "Winamp" seems to solve the issue, at least for a while.

Bug #12647

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