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Maximizing a window horizontally or vertically prevents maximizing on the oth...


Description OmegaPhil 2016-04-09 17:03:24 CEST
Start with a normalized window, then maximize horizontally, e.g.:


wmctrl -i -r '<window ID>' -b add,maximized_horz


This works. Then issue the maximized_vert command:


wmctrl -i -r '<window ID>' -b add,maximized_vert


Nothing happens. If you start off with a successful vertical maximization command, then the horizontal one fails (but of course doesn't tell wmctrl...).

It looks like the code is hardcoded to treat either MAXIMIZED_HORZ or MAXIMIZED_VERT as 'maximized' (client.h:157):




so when the command to add the maximized state is processed in netwm.c:clientUpdateNetState, line 381, the code ignores valid maximization commands in the axis that hasn't been maximized:


            if ((action == NET_WM_STATE_ADD) && !FLAG_TEST (c->flags, CLIENT_FLAG_MAXIMIZED))
                mode = 0L;
                if ((first  == display_info->atoms[NET_WM_STATE_MAXIMIZED_HORZ]) ||
                    (second == display_info->atoms[NET_WM_STATE_MAXIMIZED_HORZ]))
                    mode |= !FLAG_TEST (c->flags, CLIENT_FLAG_MAXIMIZED_HORIZ) ? CLIENT_FLAG_MAXIMIZED_HORIZ : 0;



is there a reason maximization in one axis only isn't being considered? Feels deliberate.

Comment 1 OmegaPhil 2016-04-28 17:42:14 CEST
As this has been ignored, I have looked into fixing it - turns out there is already a proper test that can be applied here - FLAG_TEST should be swapped with FLAG_TEST_ALL, since a window is only truly maximized when both axes are maximized:




This way just being maximized in one axis doesn't prevent the other from being applied.
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Bug #12538

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