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An "Alt+Tab" dialog trigger that keeps the dialog on screen without holding A...


Description vanikos 2016-03-14 12:37:13 CET
The cycle windows dialog (default alt+tab) with previews is very functional and well-implemented. However, it's usable only by means of pressing and holding a mod key (e.g. alt) + press another key (e.g. Tab). 

It would add extra functionality to be able to launch it with a mouse gesture (e.g. a screen edge hotspot, a single key press e.t.c). It would serve as an very nice Expose-type chooser. 

Problem is, the way it's implemented now, the mod key (alt) must be pressed down for the dialog to stay on. I tried a xdotool hack but it's unreliable.

[Request-enhanchment]: Is it possible to make a cycle windows dialog trigger that forces the dialog to stay on screen without holding a key down? It would be super easy then for the user to assign this trigger to:
1.Mouse gestures (with xdotool or something similar)
2. To single key shortcuts
3. Icon launchers on xfce4 panel or other dock apps
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Bug #12494

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Olivier Fourdan
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