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Significant idle CPU use with pulseaudio-plugin-0.2.4


Description Michał Górny 2016-03-13 12:14:16 CET
I've recently noticed that the pulseaudio plugin is causing constant CPU load that can be measured (using htop) to 10%-15% on my system. This is very bad since it means not only reducing available CPU time for other programs but also draining the battery unnecessarily.

I can reproduce this with 0.2.4. I've tried disabling notification on volume changes and it didn't reduce the CPU use.
Comment 1 Michał Górny 2016-03-13 12:31:02 CET
Please let me know if you can reproduce this. If not, I'll try to find some time to debug it. However, I can tell already that PANEL_DEBUG=all does not list anything helpful.
Comment 2 Andrzej editbugs 2016-03-14 20:39:23 CET
I can't reproduce this issue here (xubuntu 15.10 and older). Please let me know if you spot anything.

Does the problem occur when you use other pulseaudio mixers like pavucontrol?
Comment 3 Michał Górny 2016-03-14 20:58:47 CET
Well, 'kinda'. pavucontrol takes around 5% CPU (compared to 15% for pulseaudio plugin today).
Comment 4 Michał Górny 2016-03-14 23:02:15 CET
Ok, so some stracing and I have some results. Both in case of pavucontrol and xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin, this seems to be caused by intensive polling from /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 socket. Basically, it is constantly reading some small messages from that socket.

That considered, I guess it's not xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin to blame. If you have any suggestions where to look next, I'd appreciate.
Comment 5 Michał Górny 2016-03-14 23:33:54 CET
Ok, after some debugging it turned out to be poor GTK+3 Xfce theme spamming X11 with render requests. Sorry for the noise.

Bug #12491

Reported by:
Michał Górny
Reported on: 2016-03-13
Last modified on: 2016-03-14


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