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Thunar crashes when renaming files (maybe only on NFS shares)


Description Markus 2015-11-08 10:34:25 CET
Thunar crashes often (not always) when I rename files or folders. Unfortunately, there is no message in ~/.xfce4-session.verbose-log

So far, it only happened when renaming file on a remote computer (NFS mount), but I'm not sure if it also can happen locally, that's why I added the "maybe" to the summary.
Also, up to now it only happened with the Thunar instance started automatically at login by the xfce session manager. I use a manually saved session that contains one Thunar window. After the crash, I usually start a new Thunar instance from the terminal in order to get some sdterr output. But as I wrote, the crash never appeared when started this way.
When I restart Thunar and browse to the directory I was before, I can see that the rename operation was performed and the crash occurred after that.

Maybe it has something to do with a new behaviour I noticed since the current version:
Most of my rename oerations is adding different suffixes to the file or folder names. So it should not affect the order of the displayed entries (ordered by name).
But when I rename files or folders within a parent folder that has many children, the renamed entry is ordered to a different position or (only sometimes) even disappears. In both cases, I need to refresh the view by pressing F5 in order to see things as they are now.
Just to clarify: The crash can also happen when the parent folder has only a few entries, but the visible effect only occurs with many entries.
Comment 1 Harald Judt editbugs 2015-11-13 20:36:59 CET
Likely a duplicate.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 12264 ***
Comment 2 Markus 2015-11-15 15:35:59 CET
I'm not sure if it is a duplicate. One big difference is that I encountered the crashes with multiple files in the parent folder when renaming one of them.

Bug #12293

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