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Add 'run as root' or 'run as other user' option to xfrun4


Description benxor 2004-02-23 02:30:15 CET
I've discovered that due to some low-level security change in my system after
an update, I can no longer run X applications from the command line as root.
This makes it impossible to start a program as root, in X, which I need to do
in order to read documents off my windows drive (mounted, as always, with root
access only).

Could a 'run as root' or 'run as different user' option be attached to
launchers in the panel and/or the xfrun4 run dialogue to allow users to run
different processes as root in XFCE regardless of the permissions constricting
them from doing so from a terminal?
Comment 1 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2004-02-23 04:10:14 CET
if you're unable to run GUI apps as root from your terminal application,
you're not going to be able to run them from xfrun4 either, as xfrun4 does the
exact same thing your shell does when it runs programs - forks another process
and executes the app.

probably what you need to do is have root merge the contents of your
~/.Xauthority file when you run commands as root. this can be done using xauth
(see 'man xauth'), by putting the appropriate command in root's ~/.profile
or ~/.cshrc file. IIRC, if you're using 'sudo', it should inherit the
non-root user's environment, so this shouldn't be an issue (as the non-root
user's .Xauthority file will be used).

regardless, a "run as root" option might be useful...
Comment 2 edscott editbugs 2004-02-23 12:45:23 CET
Why not use sudo?
Comment 3 Jasper Huijsmans editbugs 2004-02-23 16:28:08 CET
Implementing "[x] Run as superuser (root)" is non-trivial at best. Lots of
security issues. Using sudo might be a nice alternative.

You could try to use something like gksu (I think, that's the name) to do

Anyway, it's not a bug, but a feature request. Please use the mailing list for
Comment 4 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2004-04-08 19:38:42 CEST
mass stale bug cleanup - reopen if closed in error
Comment 5 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2004-10-12 22:25:26 CEST
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