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Notes silently fails when data cannot be written to disc! -> data loss!


Description cko 2015-07-18 09:59:48 CEST
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Screenshot of notes layout.

I am working with Notes for a long time now.
Currently on 1.8.1 on an Arch Linux.
Data gets stored in ~/.local/share/notes

Problem: Data copy&pasted in newly created
top+sub-level-groups didn't get saved after
a normal system shutdown -> the data was lost.

Filesize of the empty groups = 0.

To reconstruct, this might help:

I had a group TODO (only) in the beginning.
Then I added a new group of notes using the panel menu
directly, so I have a second window (group of notes).

I renamed the first group to from TODO to Customers and
the second (new) group to TODO.

I renamed that notes in the group TODO to TODO, Calendar,
Shopping, DONE.

I copy&pasted some data from the Note Customers-TODO
to TODO-TODO and TODO-DONE. Deleted the Note Customers-TODO.

I copy & pasted some data from an external text file to TODO-Calendar,

After some hours of some other work, I've shutdown that computer
Next day - reopened notes - data was lost!!

I guess there is a constellation where filenames or folder-names
can clash up and data is lost.
Or the Data in the second group of notes is not saved at all!
Cannot trust Notes anymore :-(

Feature Request: Indicate that notes are saved properly in title
(by adding some indicator * when changed/not saved yet).

Feature Request: Backup with some levels of history.
(hint: ideally using git)
Comment 1 cko 2015-07-18 10:00:48 CEST
Created attachment 6389 
Screenshot of files not getting upddated/0 filesize
Comment 2 cko 2015-07-19 01:04:13 CEST
This behaviour is actually reconstructable:

When I add some text to the second group of notes:
TODO-Calendar, close the xfce session and restart it, the text
is gone - it was not saved!

Comment 3 cko 2015-08-28 18:35:37 CEST
Again, I experience that data doesn't get written/synced to disc soonish!

Quite simple setting: Two groups or notes are in use:

A group which existed first called now "Customers" have
several notes in it:
{13 names of my customers, cannot publish that, just normal
single upper/lowercase names without any whitespace/special characters used}

A second group "TODO" has contains also some notes:
Calendar, DONE, Shopping, TODO

Now, I wanted to split up a part the "TODO" note in group "TODO"
into a new note called "PADS"

So I create a new Note (Ctrl-N) and rename it (F2) to "PADS".
I copy and paste 10 lines from the "TODO" note to the newly
created "PADS" note.

Then I close both windows [X] and watch ~/local/share/notes/TODO/
... for a long while now....
There is no newly created note "PADS" appearing...
There is no update to the note "TODO"...
no matter how often I open/close the notes.

This looks like a major flaw, when the data doesn't get saved/synced
to disc within a reasonable short amount of time when Notes is open.
I would expect to sync is definitely to disc immediately when

a) the notes windows is closed
b) when I switched to a different note or to a different group
c) when the notes window looses focus.
Comment 4 cko 2015-09-11 12:03:45 CEST
Update here - some positive news, but a clear bug report:

After migrating an user account to a different /home/
and reading back some backups, the owners/permissions
withing the new ~/.local/share/notes were not set properly.

Notes seems to work fine, but it would SILENTLY FAIL to
write the Notes to disk on close/shutdown.

There should be a clear warning pop-up dialog if the data
could not get written and don't close. Otherwise, data-loss

Bug: Notes silently fails when data cannot be written to disc!
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