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Edge resistance seems to vary


Description John 2015-04-02 20:49:56 CEST
In compiled and installed 4.12 about 10 days ago now.

The only issue I found is that edge resistance for changing workspaces seems to vary sometimes. At times, it becomes *very* hard to change workspace using the pointer, and even moving the pointer more than the equivalent of a screen's width doesn't cause a switch. 

After switching with the keyboard, things seem normal again. 

I haven't really found a systematic sequence of operations which cause this resistance change. It does seem as if the resistance increases with the amount of typing - go figure. Just now, after the typing of the above text, I had much more resistance than normal.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2015-04-02 21:16:07 CEST
Not a bug, this is because of the fix for bug 11456
Comment 2 John 2015-04-03 01:00:50 CEST
I suspected as much. I did read that bug before complaining...

This is very unfortunate. I never had any problem with what is
described in that bug (#11456), but I hit the workspace switch
issue frequently. 

Is there any way to make this optional/selectable?


Bug #11790

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Reported on: 2015-04-02
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