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Thunar custom action keyboard shortcut doesn't work on the desktop


Description Ricardo Veronese Ricci 2015-01-13 14:31:23 CET
I've been trying to make it work a keyboard shortcut for a custom action in the desktop, the keyboard shortcut works everywhere except the desktop, is there anything i'm missing out? I know thunar doesn't handle the desktop but xfdesktop does, and the weird thing is that when i right click anything inside the desktop the custom action is there and i can use it, however, the keyboard shortcut doesn't work.

side note: i use both available methods to create the keyboard shortcut, by manually edit the accels.scm in ~/.config/Thunar and also using xfconf-query, neither of them work on the desktop.
Comment 1 Harald Judt editbugs 2015-04-13 15:42:02 CEST
xfdesktop exposes custom shortcuts in the context menu, for which there are no shortcuts. Maybe xfdesktop can support custom actions with shortcuts, but at the moment it does not.

Anyway, this bug does not belong to thunar, therefore moving this to xfdesktop.
Comment 2 mgruber_72 2020-02-03 23:46:01 CET
I'd like to bring this up again. It would be more than nice to have consistant keyboard shortcuts on the desktop and inside Thunar. It's the little things that count or make things odd like this.
My programming skills are unfortunately almost non-existant, otherwise I'd create and submit a patch, but since the shortcut handling code is already inside Thunar it shouldn't be that much effort to integrate it also into xfdesktop(?). Correct me if I'm wrong.
Comment 3 mgruber_72 2020-02-05 17:40:55 CET
Another maybe even easier solution would be to determine if XF86Cut, XF86Copy and XF86Paste are defined and map them to the Cut, Copy and Paste commands.
Here are Gtk code examples in Firefox (support since 2011) and LibreOffice (support introduced in 2016):
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Bug #11455

Reported by:
Ricardo Veronese Ricci
Reported on: 2015-01-13
Last modified on: 2020-05-26


Eric Koegel
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