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Xfce modal windows are not in focus even if they called by me


Description Nataly Didenko 2014-11-18 10:54:29 CET
In default XFCE mode new windows are always open on top over all opened earlier apps, even if I'm working with those apps or printing something. I tried to adjust windows focus settings in both system sections, but no results. Some applications or sudden dialogs should run always in the background, if I have been working with another app. In Windows OS was as follows: a new window opens under active windows, and at the same time starts blinking on the taskbar. That's the right way.

I tried uncheck "Always move the new window to the front" in the settings but it is inconvenient because any dialogs (even caused by me) also appear without focus. So I can neither fill the input field or press button until click on dialog. The same effect on trying to rename some file via F2. That is the problem in modal windows - even if I called them myself, they are not in focus. It's uncomfortable and not usable. "Prevent_focus_stealing" option doesn't help. Please fix it.

I use xfwm4 4.11.1-ubuntu2, XFCE 4.10.1 under Ubuntu 14.04, but the problem exists for a long time

Bug #11312

Reported by:
Nataly Didenko
Reported on: 2014-11-18
Last modified on: 2020-05-28


Olivier Fourdan
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