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launching a screen session in the terminal, backspace key won't work anymore


Description Nerd Man 2005-08-15 17:02:14 CEST
see reproduction steps

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. starting an xfce4-terminal
2. starting screen session in it (...$ screen)
3. locales and everything works correctly, except for the backspace key. 
4. pressing Ctrl-H does its job OK.

Actual Results:  
I read some stuff about the locales, checked the terminal settings, and
screen-bugs, and was glad, that gnome-terminal didn't hickup when using screen.

Expected Results:  
well, the backspace key should keep on doing, what the Ctrl-H does
Comment 1 Paul Tansom 2005-12-12 20:01:32 CET
I appear to have raised a matching bug report to this, but against the
application rather than the symlink (i.e. Terminal rather than xfce4-terminal).
The bug reference is:

Comment 2 Eduard Roccatello editbugs 2006-01-18 14:18:28 CET
seems to be a screen bug, related to key binding of ^H code
i'll keep investigating but i can reproduce this behaviour on other terminal apps...
Comment 3 Nerd Man 2006-01-18 22:37:38 CET
not sure that this is a screen bug, since when having set the 
'Preferences/Advanced/Backspace key generates': to 'ctrl-H' for the
xfce4-terminal, the next time it is launched and a screen session is started,
the problem reappears. only switching back and forth between 'auto-detect'(or
anything else) and 'ctrl-H' restores normal behavior for the backspace key.
- so in this situation screen doesn't change it's state, only the
xfce4-terminal, AND it resolves the problem until the next launch.
Comment 4 Eduard Roccatello editbugs 2006-04-30 18:17:22 CEST
seems to be a problem with vte. Terminal, xfce4-terminal and gnome-terminal shares this bug so it's vte related.

I'll try to investigate asap but i'll keep working on xfce4-terminal future release. That's why i've resolved this bug as LATER.

Maybe new vte version fix this.

Bug #1111

Reported by:
Nerd Man
Reported on: 2005-08-15
Last modified on: 2009-07-14


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