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Smart placement should not place windows on screen borders


Description Lorenzo S. 2014-03-27 11:51:16 CET
I find quite annoying the fact that smart placement places windows on screen borders. If I have maximized windows, for example, I have to move smart-placed new-windows from the top of the screen to access the maximized window title bar, or the same thing for right scrollbars, etc...

I put some lines into `placement.h/c` source to avoid this, but I know that's only a patch for my own comfort. For sure, a non-default option in config dialog would be better. I added these lines before the last two in smartPlacement() function:

    if (best_x < xmin + SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING) best_x = xmin + SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING;
    if (best_y < ymin + SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING) best_y = ymin + SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING;
    if (best_x > xmax - SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING) best_x = xmax - SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING;
    if (best_y > ymax - SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING) best_y = ymax - SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING;

Where `SMART_PLACEMENT_PADDING` is defined in `placement.h` as 16.

I don't know how this implementation is related or can affect similar still opened reports, such as #4621 and #9976.
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Bug #10771

Reported by:
Lorenzo S.
Reported on: 2014-03-27
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Olivier Fourdan
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