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Wndows are involuntarily moved between workspaces


Description trespasserw 2014-01-08 14:48:17 CET
- having two IntelliJ IDEA windows (two projects) opened in workspaces #1 and #2
- and opening modal dialog from the window in workspace #2
- and switching to workspace #1
- causes both window and dialog from the workspace #2 being moved to the workspace #1

Reproduced in XUbuntu 12.04

Original request: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-119074
Comment 1 David M. Lloyd 2014-01-21 15:49:53 CET
This just happened to me again, argh.  Nine IDEA windows on one workspace.
Comment 2 David M. Lloyd 2014-01-21 19:49:26 CET
There is an option in Window Manager Tweaks that says:

"When a window raises itself:
( ) Bring window on current workspace
( ) Switch to window's workspace
( ) Do nothing"

I have this set to "Do nothing".  I also have "Activate focus stealing prevention" and "Honor standard ICCCM focus hint" checked.  I don't see anything else that might be relevant.
Comment 3 David M. Lloyd 2014-01-21 20:13:55 CET
Another thing worth noting is that if you turn off the ICCCM thing, IDEA simply never gets focus properly.  The modal dialog issue still occurs though.  Toggling Focus Stealing seems to have no effect.
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Bug #10612

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Reported on: 2014-01-08
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