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diskperf panel plugin causes xbmc playback to fluctuate


Description Citizen 53 2014-01-03 20:00:01 CET
I realize this is bug sounds unlikely, but I've tested extensively and I can assure you it exists.

When I add panel items for the 3 disks in my system (including the disk that contains media files) and configure them for 1s update, xbmc playback starts to fluctuate.

Media is on a Linux RAID, /dev/md0
Panel item device is set to the raw device, /dev/md0
Update interval is set to 1s
Combine read/write is unticked
Max I/O rate (MiB/s) is set to 600 (not that it matters, but its a fast RAID-0 set of disks)

This panel items' configuration has been tested on 4 different profiles, ranging from clean to months old. Each time when these panel items were added XMBC playback started to fluctuate.

XBMC settings (~/.xbmc) has been removed to exclude coincidence with combination of settings.

XBMC has been configured to match refresh rate to playback fps. So playing a 23.976 or 24fps movie will set refresh rate on the television of the same hz).

During playback in XMBC, press 'o' for CodecInfo. If TV/Monitor supports the refresh rate, fps should match the hz and should be stable at 23.95-23.98.

With the panel items added, fps will fluctuate between somewhere between 22 and 24 and the movie will show jutters.

Please contact me for more info, I'm willing to test different settings.

The problem has been posted here as well on the xbmc forums. Xbmc debug logging available as well:

Thanks in advance!
Comment 1 Citizen 53 2014-01-03 20:03:52 CET

This is on Debian Wheezy 7.3.

PC is an i5 3570K 16GB RAM, Samsung 830 SSD.
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Bug #10599

Reported by:
Citizen 53
Reported on: 2014-01-03
Last modified on: 2020-05-22


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