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The the lack of choice and color contrasts in the Window Manager Styles.


Description Biccus Dikkus 2013-09-26 14:29:45 CEST
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The contrastlessness windows color scheme

1. I like the idea of being able to PICK the component colors for my windows and desk top.

2. I dilike other people imposing their idea of a "great?" color scheme onto me.

3. I dislike it when there is no way to get rid of or alter their choice of color scheme.

4. I dilike it when their choice of color scheme or schemes are a poor choice.

5. The main problem I have is the  lack of CONTRAST in the color schemes.

6. Greybird is about the least disagreeable. For instance, the difference in color between the right hand or bottom scroll button - is almost non existant.

I prefer the old XP choice of being able to select the color of the individual components, so that the button is actually BLACK instead of being a tone or so darker than the light grey slider it sits in.

7. People need a CHOICE to be able to alter the color schemes.

4. True to form - as is the style of many "linux" programmers, and to miss the blatantly obvious - it does not come with one.

5. It should come with an inbuilt method to be able to CHOOSE to alter the color schemes into a fair variety of basic colors for the window components.

6. And to spite the fact that there are many complaints about this over the web, and having raised this issue before - a long time ago - the lack of any manual control to select the component colors  - has still not been implemented.

To be frank I DO like the XFCE interface - better than anything, but it's that blatant lack of "common sense" that is lacking when some functions are implemented. 

It's that cluless mentality - the equivalent of building a nice house on the south pole...  but not including front and back doors.
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Bug #10371

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Biccus Dikkus
Reported on: 2013-09-26
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Olivier Fourdan
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2013-09-26 14:29 CEST , Biccus Dikkus
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