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(xfhelp4) BROWSER doesn't honour ESR's spec


Description huggie 2005-06-25 10:56:56 CEST
Arguably this isn't a bug and I'll understand if you don't want to fix it.

See http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=290589

ESR has defined a spec for the BROWSER variable which is at

It allows browsers to be colon separated.  A Debian user complained that this
wasn't the case for xfhelp4.

I'm not fussed either way but please let me know if you fix this or decide never
to fix it.
Comment 1 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2005-06-26 01:41:48 CEST
I'm not a big fan of the BROWSER variable.

1) Support for it is spotty and inconsistent, and there's no actual standard for
it.  Some random thing that ESR says on his website does not a spec make.

2) It's not desktop-session changeable.  That is, you can't change your
preferred browser in a GUI somewhere, and have it propagate to all running apps.
 A restart is required.

3) My opinion of ESR is pretty low.  Ok, this isn't a very good reason.

Either way, I don't feel strongly about it.  Someone else can 'fix' it if they
so desire.

Comment 2 rob 2005-12-17 19:45:38 CET
is this about ESR's spec or xfhelp4 performance? When the (spotty and
inconsistent) BROWSER variable gets messed up xfhelp4 says "Error: Unable to
execute browser. Online help is not available." This persists through reboots
and is not corrected by 'gnome-default-application-properties' GUI.

Comment 3 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2005-12-17 19:55:03 CET
Er, why should it be?  Xfce != GNOME.
Comment 4 Harold Aling 2007-09-23 13:08:34 CEST
I believe this is fixed in the latest version...
Comment 5 huggie 2007-10-08 13:56:09 CEST
No, Harold, if you read xfbrowser4 it's not.

I don't think it's an important but so it probably wants to be closed with WONTFIX or whatever bugzilla's equivalent is but xfhelp4 uses xfbrowser4 and xfbrowser4 doesn't interpret the BROWSER variable according to ESR's spec.

(no other Debian user has added to that bug and no one's added a patch so probably noone cares about it doing so either but hey...)
Comment 6 Nick Schermer editbugs 2014-12-03 09:19:52 CET
Close bug reports of archived products.

Bug #1035

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