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Xfce forgets keyboard settings after suspend/resume or us keyboard unplug/plug


Description tomaspartl 2013-09-09 19:56:31 CEST

I run xfce 4.10 with some components from a more recent git version and I consistently run into the problem that xfce forgets basic keyboards settings - keyboard repeat delay and keyboard repeat rate - after suspend/resume and after unplugging and plugging back in a usb keyboard.

Steps to reproduce:

1] Go to settings->keyboard and set keyboard repeat delay to something faster than the default.

2] Unplug the usb keyboard and plug it back in
OR ALTERNATIVELY do suspend and resume.

3] The keyboard repeat rate is back to its painful slow default self again.

Fixing this would be a small step for the (xfce) mouse but a great leap for the keyboard-using mankind!
Comment 1 Max 2014-01-01 00:28:47 CET
I regularly bring a HHK to and from work, and both my home and work computer use XFCE4.  I would be very grateful to see this feature added!
Comment 2 Max 2014-01-06 23:19:02 CET
If it helps (for now), I wrote a small Python script that looks for new keyboards and sets the rate based off your current XFCE4 settings.  Save this somewhere on your system, mark it as executable, install Python libs if necessary, and pop it in as a start-up entry in XFCE4's "Session and Startup" settings.


Of course, this is a workaround by all means, but hopefully it'll tame some of the irritables out of you guys :)
Comment 4 Dominik 2019-01-07 20:42:48 CET
This bug still exists with XFCE 4.12.5 and is for me also very annoying. I would be happy if this will be fixed soon :)
Comment 5 debianxfce 2019-05-08 18:31:47 CEST
Fixed in Xfce 4.13.2.
Comment 6 Skunnyk editbugs 2020-05-28 22:38:47 CEST
Closing old bugs

Bug #10346

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