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xfce4-popup-notes does not work when using panel plugin


Description Tomas 2013-07-03 21:28:03 CEST
It would be nice with the possibility to set a "global hotkey", which would trigger the notes, like left-clicking the panel icon.

This, combined with "always on top", would make a nice, keyboard-only solution to note taking.

I would personally use Super+N ...
Comment 1 Mike Massonnet editbugs 2013-07-03 21:31:08 CEST
just bind a shortcut (xfce4-keyboard-settings) to xfce4-popup-notes

 - m
Comment 2 Tomas 2013-07-03 21:47:47 CEST
This is not doable when notes is running as a panel plugin. It works when it's a tray-icon.
But thanks, I guess it'll do fine for me :-)
Comment 3 Mike Massonnet editbugs 2013-07-06 12:28:33 CEST
than it sounds like a bug.

what version of xfce4-notes do you currently have?

and you tried to run xfce4-popup-notes, not xfce4-notes, right?
Comment 4 Roland Kaufmann 2015-08-07 11:19:58 CEST
This bug pertains at least to xfce4-notes version 1.7.7-2ubuntu1 (I haven't been able to check if it is fixed in 1.8).

If `xfce4-notes &` is executed from the command-line, then `xfce4-popup-notes --show-hide` shows the notes, but does not hide them.

If it has been launched from the panel plugin and the "Hide notes from taskbar" option is unchecked, then `xfce4-popup-notes --show-hide` shows the notes, but doesn't hide them.

If it has been launched from the panel plugin and the option is checked, then `xfce4-popup-notes --show-hide` neither shows nor hides the notes.
Comment 5 Anders Kusk 2015-09-13 19:47:10 CEST
I have the same error. I can show, but not hide the notes.

xfce4-notes-plugin 1.8.1-1 in Arch Linux.
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