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noticeable time-display lag when scrolling video


Description Liv 2013-01-14 13:39:11 CET
This is minor: When hitting 'right' the stream scrolls by 10sec, but the visual indication features a noticeable lag (one or two seconds). In Gnome MPlayer this is much snappier. For fun, try to click 'right' quickly several times: the visual lag should be even more noticeable.
Comment 1 Simon Steinbeiss editbugs 2013-03-05 12:56:33 CET
This should be fixed in git now and will make it into the next release.
Comment 2 Liv 2013-03-07 22:13:58 CET
I tried out 0.5.0 and there are some timer display issues left. For example load an .mp4 file, scroll to 00.51 and then hit 'ctrl+left'. You should see -00.09 displayed before it reverts to 00.00 while the movie starts from the beginning. 

I also see a strange artifact where I scroll to 02.00 then 'ctrl+right' and the timer switches to 03.00 and immediately afterwards to 02.58 and then countdown proceeds as normal.
Comment 3 Simon Steinbeiss editbugs 2013-03-08 02:17:01 CET
Hey Liviu,
thanks for getting back on this, but what you describe sounds like a new/different bug (or two) to me. If you can, could you test whether this didn't happen in 0.4.0 already? That'd probably make it easier to hunt down. (Although I can already imagine how to solve the first issue.)
Comment 4 Simon Steinbeiss editbugs 2013-03-08 11:00:25 CET
Fwiw, I can confirm the ctrl+left issue, but not the ctrl+right one...
Comment 5 Liv 2013-03-08 17:50:53 CET
I'm pretty  sure they're new as I've never encountered them before (including 0.4.0), and I paid a deal of attention to the displayed timer. 

I'll look into coming up with a short video for the 'ctrl + right' issue.
Comment 6 Simon Steinbeiss editbugs 2013-03-08 17:56:22 CET
I would assume that the behavior (of gstreamer) was the same before, it just wasn't visible because the timer was only updated in the interval of one tick (=1sec), so it was already corrected when displayed.
I'll look into fixing that.

For the ctrl+right issue it'd be best if you could put that in a new bugreport, so we can track it properly. Thanks!
Comment 7 Simon Steinbeiss editbugs 2013-03-09 01:03:40 CET
The ctrl+left issue should now be fixed in git. Please verify and report a new bug for ctrl+right. Thanks again!

Bug #9761

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