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No notification for volume changes via pactl


Description smrtsmart 2017-06-22 17:49:46 CEST
I have a keyboard without multimedia keys, so I map shortcut keys such as "Super+Page Up" in Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts to change the volume via pactl, e.g., "pactl set-sink-volume @DEFAULT_SINK@ +5%". While xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin worked fine and showed notifications for such volume changes, since version 0.2.5 (I'm on Fedora 25) the plugin no longer shows notifications for me. I can get back the notifications if I go back to 0.2.4, so the problem should be with the latest version 0.2.5. I can still trigger the notifications via xdotool key XF86AudioRaiseVolume, etc., and that's what I'm using as a workaround for now. Is this change of behavior intentional or a bug?
Comment 1 nospam-bugzilla.xfce.org 2017-06-28 16:33:11 CEST
I can confirm this bug.  However the xdotool workaround does not work for me. I'm using 0.2.5, too on an arch linux (package version is 0.2.5+30+g1c7b487-1). I've downgraded the package for now, which fixes it.
Comment 2 Git Bot editbugs 2017-11-22 12:38:23 CET
Sean Davis referenced this bugreport in commit f96e213b84af927e6b427322bb0e7b4ca907911a

Show volume change notifications when triggered without multimedia keys (bug #13677)

Comment 3 Sean Davis editbugs 2017-11-22 12:40:09 CET
This issue is resolved with the above commit. I did some testing, and the pactl commands seem to work as expected now.
Comment 4 Olivier Duchateau 2017-12-11 15:55:52 CET
Created attachment 7486 
Fix logical signal with default settings

This commit changes behaviour of tray icon (always muted icon, like describes in bug #14071 with default settings). I think we need to add additional test (I check if multimedia keys are enabled or not).

It's just proposal fix.
Comment 5 Skunnyk editbugs 2018-02-10 18:55:00 CET
Reopening the bug to let Sean see it ;)
Comment 6 Sean Davis editbugs 2018-02-24 14:48:19 CET
I've added a fix with this commit which should not interfere with any of the other functionality in the plugin.

With this change, the button is refreshed once the initial sink connection has been established. This might also resolve some undiscovered issues for when all sinks become disconnected or the connection to the server is lost.

Bug #13677

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Last modified on: 2018-02-24


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Fix logical signal with default settings (1.34 KB, patch)
2017-12-11 15:55 CET , Olivier Duchateau
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