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parole -a <directory> does not behave the same as parole <directory>


Description Simon Marchi 2016-10-12 03:50:59 CEST
Hi all,

When there is already an instance of parole running, and I do 

 $ parole Videos/

the whole content of the Videos directory is added to the playlist, and parole starts playing the first item of the directory, as expected.  When using

 $ parole -a Videos/

a "Videos" item appears in the playlist.  If I try to play it, parole simply complains that the item is a directory and can't be played.

It seems to me that the behavior with respect to directories could be consistent in both cases, which means always enqueue the directory content.
Comment 1 Git Bot editbugs 2017-05-26 03:54:18 CEST
Sean Davis referenced this bugreport in commit ef3c6ebf89028f2cdea7c1ca860f1a11ed69912e

Fix adding directories to the queue from cli (bug #12899)

Comment 2 Sean Davis editbugs 2017-05-26 03:55:08 CEST
This issue was resolved above and will be included in the next release.
Comment 3 Simon Marchi 2017-05-31 22:00:02 CEST
Awesome, thanks!

Bug #12899

Reported by:
Simon Marchi
Reported on: 2016-10-12
Last modified on: 2017-05-31


Simon Steinbeiss
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