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8 bugs

7440thunarx-pythongeneralRESOLVEDFIXEDthunarx-python does not honor docdir2011-03-24
7441thunarx-pythongeneralRESOLVEDFIXEDthunarx-python: return with no value from non-void function2011-03-25
9961thunarx-pythongeneralRESOLVEDINVALIDThunar 1.2.3 Not Updating File deletions2013-07-03
10178thunarx-pythongeneralRESOLVEDFIXEDthunarx-python can't find python library on 64-bit Xubuntu2017-12-04
12882thunarx-pythongeneralRESOLVEDINVALIDCHAT==LE==USA Skype= @ = 1((866))(769)8127 = @ = Skype Tech support Number = @@@ = Skype support Number2016-10-11
13798thunarx-pythongeneralRESOLVEDFIXEDMerge thunarx-python with thunar or update it to gtk3 python3 to get prepared for thunar-gtk3 release2017-12-04
14199thunarx-pythongeneralRESOLVEDFIXEDUnable to build docs2018-02-13
16437thunarx-pythongeneralRESOLVEDMOVEDbuilding from source fails with gcc-10 and python 3.92020-05-20